Like everybody's mental space, Astounding Quagliaspace is an unique reflex of Universe, whatever Universe is outside anybody's mind. Traveling through Quagliaspace is in a way as coming in touch with Roberto Quaglia himself, whatever Roberto Quaglia may be outside of himself. Everything that one meets in Quagliaspace belongs to The Roberto Quaglia Experience, whatever this is, whatever this seems or seems not to be, whatever is left when someone called Quaglia exists and doesn't hide it - which would be of no use. The virtual space where you feel to be in this very moment (are you or are you not convinced to be "on the Internet"), sucked into the monitor where your eyes and mind are already lost, is just only one of the most microscopic and insignificant extensions of the only, real, vaste, whole and complex Astounding Quagliaspace, something which has been invented by Roberto Quaglia inside his own mind, so that his mind could invent Roberto Quaglia. A trick which is working and lasting. The miracle of the creation of oneself from the nothing, and even more of the re-creation of oneself from the previous release of one's own identity. Have a good lunch.

...he had decided to live forever or die in the attempt.
(Joseph Heller)

Roberto Quaglia, photo by Konstantin Krasnobaev, Moscow, 2006


With the trick of audiovisuals, Roberto Quaglia now even moves! And talks! Meet Roberto Quaglia in motion. Watch him in a puzzling interview that has happened in Hungary in the summer of 2003. He even speaks on English!
June 2017. In Teheran, Iran, Roberto Quaglia gets inteviewed by Teša Tešanović and the theme is the real world - beyond the smocreens of myths and deceptions. Audio is on English.
July 2004. The great American writer Rober Sheckley is my guest in Genoa, Italy, for several months. This is an interview I've made him. On November 11, 2005, Robert Sheckley would unfortunatelly end his days in this world.
August 2004. In Bucarest, Romania, an unusual talkshow is aired on TV. Robert Sheckley, Ian Watson and yours truly talk for one hour about future and science fiction. Alexandru Mironov is our host. Audio is on English.
If you believe that the other videos are too difficult for you, you may switch to this short clip of welcome to my website. Very simple, very easy to understand, it won't harm your neurons for sure.



More video




Who am I? Who am I not? Why am I here although I am also somewhere else? All what you didn't know that you wanted to know about Roberto Quaglia which will be of some use for you. Or not.


One million words. That what's in all my books together You're welcome. 200.000 words are here for free. Don't trust what they mean. Words don't exist outside our heads. And these, by the way, are Italian words, so that could even not exist even inside your heads.

SCIENCE FICTION Which is my affair with science fiction? Or, better expressed, which is science fiction's affait with me? Introducing the dark side of the Italian science fiction.
PICTURES The ideal main dish for those who can't read and during their lives and their after-life time prefer just to watch at the pictures. Don't worry: sooner or later it happens to everyone. It happened to me. Then you recover. Or not.

If TV is the enemy you can't escape, here you access some videos where some friends and I enjoy talking randomly for the purpose of confusing the mind of whoever listens to us. Take your life into your hands! Chose yourself the kind of mental confusion you hant to be subjected to! The videos are mostly on Italian, so your confuision might be smoothed.


Apparently, many people enjoy satire. I've never really understood what's that about, but I may have done something like that once or twice. Sooner or later, we all do something like that. But don't forget afterwards to flush the toilet.


As well as people that I simply know or ignore. Geniouses or scoundrels or none of them or both of them. Well, something in a way like mankind, but more little. Or greater - I'm always confused on that, probably by intention. But who cares?

SHECKLEY Robert Sheckley makes a category by himself. It's part of my life and I've been part of his. We have traveled together for months and lived together in different places and moments. We were friends. Here you find all the images connected to him.
IAN WATSON Ian Watson too makes a category by himself. We've been good friend for years now and we've written a book together. And we've traveled together. Here you find links to some of our our common works and images from our journeys.

There is people around who I don't personally know, but is existing somewhere all the same. Many do not leave any traces inside me which I can remember. Others on the contrary do. Here you have some.


Fossile remains of life traces in the shape of ephimeral ink signs on paper sheets which differ from toilet paper mainly because they last a little more and they are a little less necessary. But somebody belives in this stuff. If you are part of this folk, you're welcome here. But please, then don't forget to flush.

GUESTBOOK One day I migh reactivate it. Or not. If you want to lose your time with old commentaries, you're welcome . Most of them are on Italian, though.

It sound incredible, but during my life I happened to have an affair with politics too. Or rather, politics happened to have an affair with me. Nothing serious. Just sex. Feticists and voyeurs, here you can peep.


A banal listing of what I like. One of those things that you usually would put on your homepage to semplify your own personality in the eyes of the impatient surfer.


Sooner or later I'll put here a selection of great books which would make your life more beautiful, if only you would read them. Meanwhile, there is already something, but I don't remember what.


If everything is boring for you, maybe you need to hang a poster inside your little room. Maybe a poster with a big fat impending ass. Or rather, something less fine.


There are also imbecils who can't properly orient themselves in a website and they always finish ending up on the splash page again and again. This link is meant to help them.





Don't be scared of entering Quagliaspace! By now it's too late anyway. If you didn't stop reading, you're inside. Warning: Astounding Quagliaspace has negative side-effects only for mummies, and has often resulted lethal for corpses. Also zombies may get hurt. If you are still reading, certainly you are not a corpse, probably not a mummy, and perhaps not even a zombie. Or maybe you are. Who knows? Who cares?
So be welcome in
Astounding Quagliaspace! And if you like it, suggest it to you friends in flesh and to your friends in electrons. Put links to this site on your homepage, if you have one, and eventually also if you have none. Don't forget that at seven you are waited where you well know for a good pee.

...well, and this is just to start. If Internet won't crash, if the World won't crash, if the Solar System won't crash, if the Milky Way won't crash, if the Universe won't crash, if Roberto Quaglia won't crash, Astounding Quagliaspace will ever grow, ever gaining more and more the abstract status of Incredible Place... or maybe not, i.e. the absolute contrary of that as well as the contrary of the contrary of the contrary of all that. Your brain has turned into pudding? Wonderful! It's more digestible like this. You'd always beware of words, the Troian Horse of All Mystifications! On the other side, I had anyway to write something here, to ensure that this portion of text occupies an analogue area of the one on the left. I don't think that more words are necessary.

Beyond the myth of himself, starting from today Roberto Quaglia is existing also in real time, at least theoretically. Yes! This is QUAGLIACAM™ . The picture on the righ is probably the latest existing image of Roberto Quaglia. With a bit of luck (or unluck), you may see what RQ (which by the way is me) is doing right now. When the QUAGLIACAM is on, image is refreshed every 5 minutes. When it's off, you see the latest recoded pic. If the chair is empty, then what you are seing it's not me. The date and hour of the photo is relative to the planet and time zone where I actually am spending my time. Very rarely it's Italy. However, many visitors has remarked that often the image hasn't been refreshed for eight or nine months. years. I believe them, and so you have to. I'm too wisely lazy to control if I have a working webcam in my surroundings. Actually, often there isn't any.

QUAGLIACAM, ovvero  RQ pochi istanti fa

Pensiero Stocastico is a book containing a selection of the strangest stuff emitted in time by Roberto Quaglia. Read it to belive it. Read it to disbelieve it. Read it to get high. Or to relax. Read it to read it. Diget to digest. Live to live. Love to love. Or not.

Tutto Quello che sai è falso

This huge book of 450 pages is the Italian edition of All what you know is wrong, a famous American antology of alternative information. The Italian edition contains also an article of Roberto Quaglia, which has been put at the beginning of the book. References also on the Italian newspaper Repubblica, Venerdì di Repubblica (1 & 2), Liberazione e many more.




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Notice for women: Even though you may be tempted to make your boyfriend or husband happy by giving him as a present ao original tie with Roberto Quaglia's face, you may alternatively (or additionally) decide to buy yourself a mug with RQ, a T-shirt wit RQ, a cap, and many other things.

Also posters are available.



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The best in cyberspace of what is going on in Roberto Quaglia's mind, a nice corner of Universe, self-transmuting in time. Alberto Moravia Bevilaqua Stefano Benni Aldo Busi Giovannino Guareschi Pasolini Umberto Eco Giorgio Bocca Italo Calvino Gadda Dino Buzzati Dario Fo Michele Serra Leo Longanesi Einaudi Mondadori Rizzoli Feltrinelli Bompiani author, authors, online, humour, italian, writers, literature, stories, story, surrealism, humor, geil, brainstorming, schriftsteller, author, literatur, italienisch, italien. The best in cyberspace of what is going on in Roberto Quaglia's mind, a nice corner of Universe, self-transmuting in time. Alberto Moravia Bevilaqua Stefano Benni Aldo Busi Giovannino Guareschi Pasolini Umberto Eco Giorgio Bocca Italo Calvino Gadda Dino Buzzati Dario Fo Michele Serra Leo Longanesi Einaudi Mondadori Rizzoli Feltrinelli Bompiani author, authors, online, humour, italian, writers, literature, stories, story, surrealism, humor, geil, brainstorming, schriftsteller, author, literatur, italienisch, italien