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You asked to support the life of Roberto Quaglia, and we have listened to your request. Now it's finally possible to send money to Roberto Quaglia, this way actively supporting his life, everybody according to his or her possibilities. To proceed, it's sufficient to click on the Paypal button "Make a donation", input the sum you are willing to donate, and then follow the instruction.


There is not a fixed amount. And there is virtually no limit. Some people send only some dollars (or euros) to Roberto Quaglia, just a simbolic sum. More tipically, who wants to support the life of Roberto Quaglia sends at least $10 - the cost of a pizza and a little beer. Many people however are contribuiting with even higher amounts. It's not rare for the contribuition to reach even $100 or more. People of great value have contibuited up to $1000. He or she who has much may give much. Also $10,000 or $100,000 would be very appreciated contribuitions. For contribuitions over $1,0000,000 you will receive a special certificate of true benemerence.


First of all because Internet makes it possible, making this a fast and simple operation. Beyond this, there are several motivations that induce people to send money to Roberto Quaglia. Some people send money to Roberto Quaglia simply because they consider that a good idea. There's something in Roberto Quaglia, that makes them feeling like doing something for him, but then, since they don't know exactly what, they just send him some money, knowing that he will appreciate this for sure.

Other people send money to Roberto Quaglia because they consider this to be a right of them. Every free person has the moral rigth to chose what exactly to do with his or her own money. These people know this very well, and since they appreciate Roberto Quaglia's activities they want to firmy support them with a personal donation. They definetly prefer that some of their money goes to Roberto Quaglia, instead of to the parassites and vultures that daily suck people's money giving nothing in return.

There are people who send money to Roberto Quaglia simply because this makes them feel better. They don't care to investigate on why this makes them feel better. They just care about the fact that this makes them feel well. The first time usually they hesitate, because they've never done something like this, let's say without a precise reason. Then, almost without thinking about, they press on the "Make a donation" button and they send their first money. They never regret it. It's something that makes them feel in peace and happy. Every time they do it.

Some people prefer to send money to Roberto Quaglia because i't s status symbol. Non everyone can frankly pretend to have sent money to Roberto Quaglia. Only who has really done it can assert something like that without the risk of losing his credibility in future. These people like to be able to say: I have been one of the first ones to send money to Roberto Quaglia. Who may say they're wrong?

Other people prefer to send money to Roberto Quaglia because they despise him. Some also because they hate him. Sending money to Roberto Quaglia is for them a way to humiliate him. They prove their superiority towards Roberto Quaglia forcing him to accept their money. Even this is a choice, that no-one has the right to criticize.

Others have not a clear idea on why they should ever send money to Roberto Quaglia. Therefore, before deciding, they imagine how they will feel after having done it. It's a pleasant sensation. Like every pleasure of life, the origin of the sensation of pleasure is mysterious, but this makes it only more attractive. To imagine how you'd feel after having given your contribuition is the best way to know with certainty how much money you feel to be willing to send to Roberto Quaglia.

*Sending money toRoberto Quaglia is one of the possibile ways to interact with him. Life is a biological and spiritual phenomenon, made of energy relations and transactions between the individuals. Some forms of relation are more complex and elegant, other are more simple and countable. Love is certaily the most rewarding contribuition that we may offer to those that we like, however it doesn't always reach it's destination

Inviare denaro a Roberto Quaglia è uno dei possibili modi di interagire con lui. La vita è un fenomeno biologico e spirituale fatto di relazioni e transazioni di energia tra gli individui. Alcune forme di relazione sono più complesse ed eleganti, altre sono più semplici e contabili. L'amore è indubbiamente il contributo più eclatante che possimo offrire a chi ci piace, ma non sempre esso giunge a destinazione e produce i suoi effetti. Il denaro non sarà pregno dei medesimi "quanti" di puro spirito, tuttavia almeno siamo sicuri che giunge a destinazione (soprattutto usando Paypal) e produce effettivamente i suoi pur umili effetti. Provare per credere.



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