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After the emerging of social networks, this page lost most of its meaning, and therefore iy hasn't been any more updated. I've just left it for archeological reasons.


This is a restricted list of human individuals meaningful related to Roberto Quaglia. Or no. Actually, they are related also with other items of Reality. From a certain point of view, everything can be considered as related to Roberto Quaglia, as well as to you and everybody else. Looking deep into this matter, things are all connected into a big, Big Everything.

However, we may operate distinctions between the parts of this Everything, which otherwise would grow up to ominous entities. We may operate distinctions also because to operate distinctions is the favourite hobby of anybody who's alive.
So now we find ourselves in front of a list of individuals distinguished by their particular and significant relation with Roberto Quaglia, whatever this means. However, this is equally false too, since occasionally this page could eventually list also people of not excellent value, or people who has stopped being or becoming what they may have been or they could have been, due to entropy problem or by chance. In this case, their presence in the listing is userful to create some confusion. Other people, which are meaningful for me, are not listed here, maybe just because they don't have a homepage (it's amazing how many pe
ople still don't have a homepage) or because I don't know where it is. Better like that. We shouldn't drop all cards. So, if you have nothing better to do, just have fun surfing through their pages, without ever forgetting the extreme vagueness of the meaning of what you're doing. And try to distinguish between the people who are more meaningful and those who are less relevant, if this distinction makes a sense. It could even make no sense. Everything could be a trap. But I know that you can do it. Beware hallucinations. Ans even more, the absence of hallucinations.

WARNING: Some of the pages listed below could be under construction. More, even the people listed below could themselves be under construction. Actually, it's better if they are under construction, rather than under distruction, especially if by the way of putrefaction. Take care. Beware seduction. There shouldn't be a bad smell.

All the people liste below really exist. I have verified personally. Well, let's say I know them. Maybe not biblically, but I know them. And, what's more, I remember that I know them. Some of them I've even touched. Just a bit. Anyway, not too much. Or maybe yes? Some pages don't even reveal their presence, but if I have linked them, it means I know they are behind them.

Adaleta Maslo-Krkovic Croatian artist, now lost somewhere in the USA
Alessandro Fambrini Professor at the Trento University, good writer, and - what's more - exquisite person.
Alessandro Testa Great jazz piano player, excellent cook, efficient manager, fine humourist and very good thinker. As for the rest he is mad, but really completely mad, which makes everything more interesting.
Andi Caragea Fine thinker of extraordinary brightness. He has fully metabolized the world in his own way and now every output is unusual, interesting and often unique. That's called genious.
Augusto Minoja Espert of Data Flow Management, something that I still didn't really understand what's about, althought it has been explained to me.
Bernd Zillich Excellent photographer and good thinker. Discrete oncle, but not for everybody.
Bobo Barbieri Probably the best graphic you'd find in Liguria. And then, as Popi says, Bobo is Bobo.
Boris Dolingo Writer and organizer of Aelita, the Russian equivalent of the Nebula Awards, the prize for the best SF novels.
Bruno Medicina (2) (3) Expert in cummunication, neurolinguisting programming, martial arts, fine intellectual and much more. Plus, excellent pianist.
Cecilia Dart-Thornton

Australian fantasy writer, she immediately appeared to my senses (as well as to those of Ian Watson, with whom I was when I first met her on a taxi) as a more unique than rare alchemy of beauty and intelligence, topped by a profound, positive and very fast sense of reality. In other words: a phenomenon. And would you believe that we've talked only once and quite briefly?

Daniele Vecchi Good Italian science fantasy writer and, although he performs as a lawyer, he's still a human being of high humanity and intelligence.
David Anderson Founder of a time travel research center, and of the World Genesis Foundation, an association focused on cultural exchange between USA and Romania.
Florin Munteanu

Romanian scientist of astounding immagination. Inventor. Expert in chaos theory, chaos control, fractal analisys of complex systems and much more. Discoverer of the Golden Volume. After a dinner with Florin, Robert Sheckley has said of him: What a fantastic man!

Francesco Grasso Successful Italian science fiction writer with a good sense of humour.
Franco Forte Journalist, critic and very professional science fiction writer of a thousand initiatives.
Gabi Boiangiu Romanian artist with a marked originality, now located in England.
Gennady Gilmanov Great Russian friend. Intelligent and impregnated with that necessary touch of madness that makes you an unique human being. He speaks several languages but you guess what? His blog's on Russian and very cirillic.
Gigi Picetti

No definition can contain Gigi Picetti. Often, nor even Gigi Picetti can contain Gigi Picetti.

Guido De Vecchi Great viola player and fine manufacter of viola arcs.
Herman Prigann

Extremly unconventional Austrian artist, author of some of the most visionary projects seen in the last decades. Great man.

Ian Watson

Vulcanic British author of an extreme originality. As a result of his evident genious he is any moment able to enter in excellent sintony with the surreal fluctuations of reality, and stay there. For those who consider this statement obscure, we may remember that Stanley Kubrick hired him for 8 months to help him developing his ideas.

Imants Belogrivs Latvian publisher with a peculiar feature: he looks like a stylized version of Albert Einstein, but compared to the famous scientist he's probably a much more interesting person, and for sure extremely more alive.
Jack Cohen Unusual Brithis scientist, specialized in science of sexual reproduction and author of a good book on chaos.
Jonathan Cowie Charming British scientist, for a long period consulent of the House of Lord brittannica for echological issues, as well as organizer of conventions of science and science fiction.
Juraj Maxon Knows also as Mad Maxon. Slovach artist od great personality. He lives in Bratislava.
Kamila Nemcova Notable human subject, I would say wonderful according of a wide range of criteria.
Klaus N. Frick Redactor in chief of the German science fiction series Perry Rodan.
Konstantin Krasnobaev Great Russian photographer, who did some good portraits of me (and some has been published on Penthouse), and great story teller of Russian annecdotes, which are so Russian that they even smell cirillic.
Leonardo Wild (2)(3) A writer of Equador, well known in Germany. A nice person of great simpathy.
Luigi Pachi

Italian science fiction writer, co-creator of Delos, the science fiction magazine of and of the Corriere della fantascienza, the only Italian bi-weeklly SF magazine. More, he's an expert manager and exquisite person.

Marco Vimercati Publicity art director, author of books on communication and the real core of the cult radio program "Onde Storte".
Mario Quaglia Between his most relevant responsabilities there's the one that actually caused my existence.
Maurizio Frizziero Friend of Sheckley. Beyond this he has been busy with advertising and communication for the past 40 years, he commercilizes the best apartments for vacations around here and in his free time he collects Exakta, postcards and frogs.
Maurizio Manzieri One of the most known Italian SF artists in the world.
Max Morando

My most pantagruelic friend. But this is irrelevant, although not invisible. Presently, he's the fastest semantic processor around in Itlay as well as Great International Master in Black Humour. In case of necessity, also discrete feticist.

Norman Spinrad

One of the most interesting science fiction writers around. All what I've read of him, was worth reading. That's something you can't say of many writers.

Paolo Gastaldo Architect in Genova and original artist. His artwork has a marked socio-political background.
Quentin Gausset Belgian anthropologist, Associate Professor at the Institute of Anthropology and at the Center for African Studies - University of Copenhagen. Beyond this, he's an excellent person with remarkable intelligence.
Robert Sheckley

One of the most brilliant science fiction writers that has ever been. He was a great friend when he was alive, but even now when he's tecnically dead he can persist as a great friend of mine. Friends are friends when they live inside you contributing to the composition of your identity . Sheckley continues to excercise this function even though he has been cremated some time ago.

Saverio Soldani Eclectic actor and fine speaker.
Silvio Sosio

Unique and inimitable. King of the webmasters. Probably the most professional and tastful Italian webmaster. Beyond this, Deus Ex Machina of Italian SF fandom and creator of And, more than that, very lucid and clever thinker.

Sorin Repanovici One of my oldest friends in Romania. Every year he organizes a cultural event on a little island in the Danube where again and again I heve to return, year after year.
Tom Putzki Tom is a person of unique simpathy and rare intelligence. He's got a splendid and immediate sense of reality, melt with a huge charge of emphaty. Five minutes after we've met we were already friends for life. He works in the videogames industry.
Ugo Malaguti

Mileston of Italian science fiction, both as an author, as an editor and as a publisher. The first Italian professional of SF who could appreciate my works in this field, far before anybody else.

Valerio Evangelisti Great writer and a person of acute intelligence. One of the few living italian authors that I like to read.
Vittorio Curtoni Well known Italian science fiction author and editor of science fiction, one of the true archetypes of Italian science fiction.
Yana Botsman Brillian Ucranian fantasy author, which shares with Dmitry Gordevsky the pseudonym of Alexander Zorich. She's been also philosophy professor at the University of Kharkov.

If you consider yourself particularly related to me, but you didn't find yourself in these links, don't panic. Nor enjoy it too much. At the most, just send me a gentle email. But first, verify if you have a homepage. And then switch on the television. Why the television? Because you would have switched it on anyway.

This place, supposed that this is a place, is continuously under construction, just as universe. Mark this page betweek your bookmarks and put a link to it everywhere, also on your mother. Then do use your brain, enjoy, suffer, be aware that you are there until you can, love me and if your love is not really of excellet quality send me money instead, possibly a lot.


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