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For the delocalized tribe of RS

From 1999 to 2005 I've shared a lot of quality time with Robert Sheckley, spending time with him both in my hometown Genova, Italy, as well as travelling trough Europe together and attending several SF conventions. On this page I've put together my pictures collectiom, to be shared with all the people of the delocalized tribe in the world who love him, have been in tune with his visions, and will forever keep his memory inside their minds.

Portal 2005, April - Kiev
Ukranian science fiction convention "Portal 2005" + following tour through Ukraine with Robert Sheckley, visiting Uman, Odessa and Kharkov.


This article was published by an Ukranian newspaper when Sheckley and I visited Odessa, April 2005. The picture shows our meeting with the vice-mair of the town. The article reports among other things about a statement made by Sheckley during the press conference in the Odessa municipality announcing his cooperation with me for writing a novel together. Unfortunatelly, this universe didn't offer us time enough to complete this project...


Eurocon 2004, August - Plovdiv, Bulgaria
The European Science Fiction Convention "Eurocon 2005" is in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Guests of Honour are Robert Sheckley, Ian Watson, Erik Simon and Roberto Quaglia.


Living with Robert Sheckley
May 2004 - August 2004

American writer Robert Sheckley comes again to Italy to visit me and for some months we travel through Italy, France, Germany, Hungary, Romania, ending up in Bulgaria in Plovdiv.



You may watch or download a one hour talkshow on science fiction featuring Robert Sheckley, Ian Watson, Alexandru Mironov and myself, on a TV Channel in Romania in Summer 2004
English language
(August 2004, Bucharest)

July 2004. The great American writer Rober Sheckley is my guest in Genoa, Italy, for several months. This is an interview I've made him. On November 11, 2005, Robert Sheckley would unfortunatelly end his days in this world.


July 2000. Robert Sheckley meets Italian fans in Piacenza, Piacenza, at the Fahrenheit 451 bookstore. Panel moderated by Vittorio Curtoni and Roberto Quaglia.


Strannik 2003 - Saint Petersbourg, Russia
Again in Russia with Sheckley, to the SF Convention "Strannik".

Sheckley back in Europe.
July 2000, "Asturcon" in Gijon, Spain, within the well known "Semana Negra", and then everyone steps into my car and we drive to Italy and around.

From Russia with humour
September 1999: in Saint Petersbourg, Russia, at a SF convention with Poul Anderson e Robert Sheckley.

Dimension of miracles with Sheckley
Travelling for a month (July-August 99) around Europe with Robert Sheckley: hundreds of pictures

Dimension of miracles with Sheckley


The report (on Italian)

The report (on Russian)

1999, Italy - Romania
Trip with Sheckley and launching of new books


Sheckley dead

The obituary of Robert Sheckley, by Christoper Priest



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