2009 Photos

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Roberto with Judit and Adrienne during the preparation of an unusual marketing campaign for a book soon to be published (February 2009)

The Genovese SF world out for dinner with Ian Watson (Genoa, March 2009)

Ian Watson and Roberto Quaglia interviewed by Italian TV RAI3
(Genoa, March 2009)
Ian Watson
Ian Watson in Genoa - Click here for all the Genovese picures of Ian (Genoa, March 2009)

Roberto Quaglia and Ian Watson in Camogli (Camogli, March 2009)

Ian Watson in Via Palestro with Ada, Popi and Mario (Genoa, March 2009)
Sergej Lukianenko

Sergej Lukianenko, Roberto Quaglia, Oleg Koleskikov at the European SF Concention Eurocon.
* Click here for all the pictures of this Eurocon * (Fiuggi, March 2009)

Ian Watson vampire
Ian Watson obviously thirsty of Roberto Quaglia's blood in the lift (Fiuggi, 2009)
Roberto Quaglia, radically transmuted by Ian Watson's bite, and photographed by Anastasia (Fiuggi, 2009)

Anastasia Laukkanen and Ian Watson at Eurocon 2009 (Fiuggi, March 2009)

Ian Watson and Roberto Quaglia launching their common book "The Beloved of my Beloved" (Fiuggi, March 2009)
Jasmina Tesanovic, Bruce Sterling
Jasmina Tesanovic, Bruce Sterling and Roberto Quaglia at the Eurocon (Fiuggi, March 2009)
The writer and musician Jordan R. meets Roberto Quaglia (Fiuggi, March 2009)
Anastasia Laukkanen
Anastasia Laukkanen (Fiuggi, March 2009)
Anastasia Laukkanen
Roberto and Anastasia having a cool drink (Fiuggi, March 2009)
Anastasia and the excellent ice cream of Piazza San Simone (Rome, March 2009)
Three writers in a cottage: Roberto Quaglia, Sarah Singleton, Ian Watson (Moreton Pinkney, April 2009)
Roberto Quaglia in the Hell Fire Caves, where aristocrats used to have sexual fun (UK, April 2009)
Roberto Quaglia and Ian Watson launching the book "The Beloved of my Beloved" at the Eastercon Convention (Bradford, UK, April 2009)
Ian Whates launches The Beloved of my Beloved at Eastercon
(Bradford, UK, Aprile 2009)
John Clute
Roberto Quaglia and John Clute at Eastercon * Click HERE for all the pictures of Eastercon * (Bradford, UK, April 2009)
Jordan R. at Eastercon (Bradford, UK, April 2009)
Nicolae Latunov
Nicolae Latunov (Chisinau, June 2009)
Nicu Latunov showing his masks and artwork (Chisinau, Giugno 2009)
Roberto with a pile of his book in Romanian (Bucharest, June 2009)
Editor Mugur Cornila and Roberto Quaglia
Publisher Jacob posing with Roberto (Bucharest, June 2009)
11 Septembrie: Mitul
The cover of the book "11 Septembrie: Mitul"
Bookfest Bucuresti
The launching of the Romanian edition of Roberto Quaglia's September 11 book at Bookfest, a Romanian book fair (Bucharest, June 2009)
Roberto Quaglia signing his book, after the presentation (Bucharest, June 2009)
More autographs at Bucharest's bookfair (Bucharest, June 2009)
Silvia Marzenco
Silvia Marzenco (Chisinau, August 2009)
Silvia Marzenco

Silvia Marzenco (Chisinau, August 2009)

Andy Bigwood and Ian Watson prepare the launch of "Paradoxine" the English edition of a book of Roberto Quaglia's. This happens at the UK Fantasycon (Nottingham, UK, September 2009)
The cover of "Paradoxine", by Immanion Press
*** click here to buy it ***
Roberto Quaglia (Nottingham, UK, September 2009)
Ian Watson is a gentleman
Roberto Quaglia, Sissy Pantelis, Ian Watson (Nottingham, UK, September 2009)
Ian Whates
Ian Whates at Fantasycon. CLICK HERE TO SEE ALL PICTURES OF FANTASYCON (Nottingham, UK, 2009)
Robin Hood
Roberto Quaglia doesn't get scared by Robin Hood (Nottingham 2009)
Lord Byron's little cottage (Nottingham 2009)
Roberto Quaglia and Ian Watson embalmed inside Lord Byron's museum.
Roberto Quaglia and Ian Watson in Lord Byron's psychic realm experience a shift to Dark Side
Dio Pan
Roberto Quaglia has an affair with the Pan divinity.
Offer Cohen and Roberto Quaglia (Amsterdam, September 2009)
Roberto Quaglia and Ian Watson posing near the Grand-Toilet of the Grand-Place of Brussels (September 2009)
Roberto Quaglia and Ian Watson (Brussels, September 2009)

In Brussels kids usually pee on everything, even on candies (Brussels, September 2009)

Inside notorious brasserie "A la mort subite" in Brussels (Brussels, September 2009)
Abnormal transmutation of Ian Watson, a quite common phenomenon in Belgium (Brussels, September 2009)
Unter den Linden
Unter den Linden (Berlin, October 2009)
Roberto Unter den Linden
Roberto Quaglia is actually Unter den Linden (Berlin, October 2009)
2009 Photos

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