Before my birth

Origins of each of us are very rapidly lost in time. But something remains, at least for a while. Here you have some photographic traces left by some of the people who - by reproducing themselves in the exact moment they did it - have involutarly contribuited to my later coming to the world.

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For generations it has been told in the paternal tree of my family that a french great-grandmother of mine, named Cellini, would descend from Benvenuto Cellini. True? False? It doesn't really matter. But that's perhaps a curiosity worth mentioning.
Laura Weeber and Josef Ripka, matrilineal great-great-grandparents of mine. Each of them provided 6% del mio DNA, even if they don't know it (End of XIX Century)

Josef Ripka (Jägerndorf, end of XIX Century)

Laura Ripka, with the daughters: the little one is my grand-grand-aunt Martha and the satanding one is my matrilineal grand-grandmother Hilda Ripka (Jägerndorf, 1893)
My grand-grand-aunt Martha and my grand-grandmother Hilda Ripka (Jägerndorf, 1894 or 95). In my life I was in time to know them both.
My grand-grand-mother Hilda Ripka (first on the left) with her sister Martha (first from the right) (Jägerndorf, 1911)
Hilda Ripka (21 years ord) with my grand-grand-father Albin Hausknecht (24 years old), official of the Austro-Hungarian army (1912)
Martha and Hilda with my grandmother Linda Hausknecht, when she was six months old. (June 1918, Jägerndorf)
My grand-grand-parents Hilda & Albin Hausknecht, Martha & Peppi Gröbner, my grand-grand-grand-parents Josef & Laura Ripka + grandmother Linda when she was two y.o.(Jägerndorf, 1920)
Roberto Quaglia senior, my patrilineal grandfather, in Africa (1920)
Roberto Quaglia senior, a detail of the previous photo (1920)
Roberto Quaglia senior in Africa
The Hausknecht family. The little girl standing is my grandmother Linda, the little one is her sister Helga. (1921)
My matrilineal grandfather Eduard Zillich poses with his schoolmates (Petschau, early twenties)
Eduard Zillich, a detail of the previous photo
Mariuccia Lombardo
Mariuccia Lombardo, my patrilineal grandmother (Genova, 1926)
A better view of her smile (Genova, 1926)
Eduard Zillich
Eduard Zillich, in the early 30ies (Vienna)
My future grandfather shows off :-) (Vienna)
Eduard Zillich in his car (Austria, 30ies)
Eduard Zillich still in his car (Austria, 30ies)
Mario Quaglia with his matrilineal grandfather, my grand-grandfather (1940)
Eduard Zillich, as a journalist in Romania during the war (Romania, 1941)
Eduard and Linda Zillich in Romania, where by the way they conceived my mother (Romania, 1941)
My grandfather Eduard Zillich with my mother Eva (Vienna, 1943)
My grandmother Linda Zillich with my mother Eva (Vienna, May 1943)
My grand-grandfather Albin Hausknecht with my mother Eva (Vienna, March 1944)
Another grand-grand-grandmother
Eduard Zillich in Africa (anni 50)
My grandfather Eduard Zillich with Marcello Mastroianni on the set of "Tam tam mayumbe", a film where he was shooting stunt scenes with dangerous animals. (Africa, 1955)
Roberto Quaglia senior working at Marconi (Genova)
Silver marriage between Roberto and Mariuccia Quaglia - A lot of relatives, among whom: Roberto Quaglia senior, Mariuccia Quagia, Lorenzo Quaglia, Mario Quaglia, Gianni Quaglia, Gina Lombardo, Gaspare Lombardo, Concettina Lombardo, Ina Carnasciali, Enzo Carnasciali, Antonietta Barabino + other I don't know the name (Genova, Italy, early 50ies)
Eva Zillich and Mario Quaglia marry, this is the photo with the parents of her. (Genova, december 1961)
The photo with the parents of him. Even though I'm not born yet, I'm there all the same. (Genova, 1961)
before my birth

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