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Once upon a time, or perhaps now, A World Wide Web depiction of Roberto Quaglia was born in front of your eyes. Now that you've hit it, you have to deal with different choices. The wisest way to proceed is to read everything that follows. The easiest way to proceed is to just click somewhere. The laziest way to proceed is to die.

Something looking like
a little biography of RQ

In 1962 Roberto Quaglia came into this world not being able to return to the other. So he decided to settle down here. In the beginning he grew up not forgetting to gain the correct stature and then lose his surplus quantity of hair. But before all this he managed to occupy his space-time in "varied and various" ways.
First he amused himself with photography and the end-product of his researches was published, unexpectedly, in major European magazines and rashly shown in various exhibitions. Then, tired of giving excessive significance to a few square centimetres of emulsion-developed paper, he swore allegiance to the theatre and the organization of cultural events, fields in which he has distinguished himself in the city.
One fine day, giving in to an unexpected impulse, he created a series of comic-strips called "The Planet of the Computers", subsequently published in the Italian magazines "Bit" and "Microcomputer".
But it was only when he suddenly noticed he was in reality a writer that he finally noticed he was in reality a writer.
From then onwards, as every writer, he has above all written, neglecting - in his most obsessive moments - to live, but managing to survive all the same.

Roberto Quaglia is, today, one of the most promising of the Italian science fiction writers. Without doubt he's the most irreverent and iconoclastic. He has written two novels, a collection of stories, a television serial and various science fiction plays. He collaborates as well with noted Italian magazines as a humorous writer.
His texts are powerful in their disrupting, desecrating vein and their cynical modern black humour, both of which give a distinctive mark to a good part of his writings. Surprisingly for the author, they have become a cult in various literary circles.

He has written among other things a lot of things.

Roberto Quaglia is one of the most interesting Italian writers. He writes SF and surrealistic fiction. From '95 to '97 he has been Counsellor in the city of Genova, Italy.


Literature which came out of me

There's a guy with my name who has produced a lot of literature that you probably ignore. How is it possible? Is this stuff trash or what? Your mind is the sole possible judge for this. Here you get some more information.

"Caro Maurizio Costanzo Show...".

A book of mine
entirely online !
200 pages FOR FREE !!!
(for the moment, only on Italian)

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What follows is a list of coherent lists of words put down by me. In a less tortuous way we could say the following stuff are articles of mine. In fact it's just written space, even if it's not clear how it can be a space. (Is there really "space" in Internet ? And if there is, where is it ?)


"Pensiero Stocastico" (Stochastic Thought) is a continuosly growing collection of short articles of mine, which I write monthly for the Italian Cyberzine Delos. The theme? Reality and its surprizing surroundings. In fact, we could argue that only the surroundings of reality in reality exist... All pieces are on Italian. Not all Italians are in pieces.
Cosa ci faccio io qui?
La Vita, L'Universo e Tutte Quelle Persone Scomparse Nei Propri Personaggi
PerchÚ sono utili le Convention di Fantascienza
L'aspetto pi¨ idiota della Fantascienza moderna
L'urlo montante del rumore di fondo
L'Universo: un Minestrone zuppo di Caos, LinearitÓ e giusto un pizzico di Mente Umana
L'Imposta sul Significato Aggiunto
Emettitori e Ripetitori di Informazione
Il silenzio di Internet (ovvero: sperduti in un'isoletta di parole nell'etereo mare virtuale)
La vecchia fantascienza vecchia e la nuova fantascienza vecchia
Gli alieni nel nostro cervello? Trame di simbiotici.
E ora... un po' di polemica gratuita (ci paga forse qualcuno per farla?) Fandom e fandonie. La comoditÓ di essere morti.
Il Futuro della fantascienza.
I vantaggi della clonazione umana.
Il futuro del teatro.
Un po' di nulla ovvero di ufo ogni tanto non guasta o invece sý .
Un po' di tutto ovvero di fantascienza ogni tanto guasta o invece no.
Il mito di Diana, nel trentennale della morte della Principessa Triste.
Storie di Convention.
Internet Invaders e il trionfo dell'Obsolescenza Programmata
Il futuro del sesso.
L'intelligenza non serve a ci= che gli intelligenti credono che serva.
Il fondo del barile del senso.
Il miracolo della moltiplicazione dei pani e dei pesci e delle foto porno su Internet.
Guerra e Internet.
In missione per conto di Delos.
Domande senza risposta?
Speriamo che la fine del mondo si sbrighi.
Il principio della pornodemocrazia: dal Clinton Sex Show nello Studio Orale della Casa Bianca al masturbatorio mentale collettivo dell'UmanitÓ.
Il mistero della globalizzazione.
Il futuro della letteratura.
Il futuro del doping.
La guerra democratica: un futuro di sangue col totobomba a premi.
Prigionieri della Deformazione Metaforica.
E se la natura avesse ragione?
Caro diario, cosa mai ci fa Sheckley in Italia?


Articles regarding Science Fiction :

Dimension of Miracles with Sheckley
Travelling for a month around Europe with Robert Sheckley: the full journal (on Italian only)
Recensione a Nirvana.
The movie of Gabriele Salvatores. Some thoughts about.
A Lucca, Mai!
An article about a very good anthology of the Italian SF of the past 40 years.
An interview to Robert Sheckley, in cooperation with Luigi Pachý.
SF Worldcon 1995
This is my report from the Science Fiction Worldcon '95, which was held in Glasgow, Scotland, in August 1995
The same report, Glasgow '96 Intersection, is available in Italiano! und auf Deutsch! et en franšaise!
Images of Worldcon 95
It is not necessary to explain you what you will find here. If you like SF Conventions, just try it!
SF Eurocon 1994 in Timisoara
This is a report from the 1994 Science Fiction Eurocon (European SF Convention), which was held in Romania, in May 1994. Available also in Italiano, and in Chinese!
SF Eurocon 1993 in Jersey
This is a report from the 1993 Science Fiction Eurocon (European SF Convention), which was held in Jersey, in April 1993. (Only on Italian!)


Political Documents and Speeches

In this table some of the documents produced by me during my so-called political activity are listed. My speeches are also included. Of course, everything here is on Italian. So, if you ignore Italian, just regret it and go out for a walk...
Do you want to surprize your mind with my surrealistic political campaign ? (Only for not dogmatic people! (if you don't know what's a dogma, just let it be, and relax...))
Mozione per l'organizzazione a Genova di una manifestazione sul futuro e sulla fantascienza, con relativ