Plovdiv, Bulgaria. August 2004. European science fiction Convention "Eurocon 2004" with the partecipation of people of 17 countries. Guests of honours were Роберт Шекли, Йен Уотсон, Andrzej Sapkowski, Роберто Квалья, Patrick Gyger. Official site

Pascal Ducommun, Max Morando, Boris Sydiuk and others supposedly saying something (Plovdiv)
Petar Petrovic
Йен Уотсон performing a strange ritual, between Petar Petrovic, Peter Michaleczky + Max Morando
Erik Simon
Роберт Шекли at breakfast with Erik Simon (Plovdiv, August 2004)
Ian Watson
Йен Уотсон shows a local newspapers with his photo
Max Morando and Peter Michaleczky discus about dimentions (Plovdiv, August 2004)
Роберт Шекли surrounded by fans looking for autographs (Plovdiv, Bulgaria, August 2004)
Group-photo. Among others Pavle Zelig, Petar Petrovic, Max Morando, Роберто Квалья
Max Morando and Dragos Fofirca at the Eurocon 2004 (Plovdiv, August 2004)
Tsvety Antova
Йен Уотсон busy in illustrating an argument to a Bulgarian journalist (Plovdiv, August 2004)
Ivan Krumov Rositsa Decheva
Ivan Krumov, Роберто Квалья and Rositsa Decheva on the last evening (Plovdiv, August 2004)
Imants Belogrivs
Max Morando and Imants Belogrivs (Plovdiv, August 2004)